How to activate and use the «vacation mode» in WhatsApp

The month of August finally starts, and with it the possibility for many people to disconnect and rest for a few weeks or days, but if something is not missing in our vacation suitcase, that will be our smartphone in which WhatsApp is one of the applications that we use the most. However, this summer, you do not have to be answering those chats that you do not want to bother you, and for this, there is nothing like activating and using the “vacation mode” of WhatsApp, as we explain below.


How to activate and use the «vacation mode» in WhatsApp

The truth is that WhatsApp’s ” Vacation Mode ” is not something new or something that we have not been able to enjoy before. In April, this new function was officially available on all those smartphones with the latest version of WhatsApp, but it is now in summer when we are using it, and there is much talk about it.

And what exactly is this function? The «Vacation mode», as its name indicates, is nothing more than a function that allows us to «disconnect» from those chats with which we are not interested in continuing to have conversations but without the need to delete or block them. If we do the first thing, we will lose all the discussions held, and in the case of choking, possibly the other person would see that it is blocked and perhaps send us messages in different ways.

In addition, “Vacation mode” is also effective against WhatsApp groups so that you can avoid not only individual chats but also group chats from work or with people you do not want to talk to during your holidays.

The function itself corresponds to the possibility of archiving WhatsApp chats that we are not interested in. In this way, when the discussion is archived, it is “hidden”, and we cannot see it, but the best of all is not that, since thanks to this function, the new messages that are sent to that chat will also remain archived and will appear to us, like a new message to read. So once the holidays are over, we can go to that chat and reactivate it if we want, and with that, we will also read all the messages that have been sent to us during the holidays.

And how can I do this? Well, very easy, you have to follow the steps below.

To archive chats

  • You have to go to the list of chats, click on the one you want to archive, and see that several symbols appear in the upper area.
  • You “click” on a folder symbol with a down arrow that means “Archive chat”, and voila! You will see how from now on, a folder appears at the top of your list of chats where it says “Archived” and where all the conversations that you have been archiving are saved.

To unarchive chats

  • And to get back to those chats is also easy. You open the folder of archived discussionsselect the one you want to recover and on the different symbols you see above, you “click” on the one with a folder with an up arrow.
  • You will see how the chat is activated again and if you wish, you can read all the messages that have been sent to you during the holidays.