How to copy and paste like a “Pro”? Enable clipboard history in Windows 10 and 11

Windows 10 and 11 on PC  have provided great practical benefits for anyone using this operating system. One of them, copy and paste files from the cloud.


A very curious fact about PCs is that when a file is copied, it is automatically copied to the clipboard and then pasted wherever the user wants. This is stored inside the clipboard filer and is kept there for some time.

Windows for its part, allocates 4MB and more than 20 copies of some file in the clipboard history, be it HTML files, texts or others. This history will only be deleted when the PC is restarted , except for those that are pinned. As if that were not enough, this archiver can be synchronized with all the devices that maintain the active Microsoft account.

Therefore, images, texts and other files can be copied from one PC to another thanks to the clipboard provided by the Cloud linked to the Microsoft account. But how to do it? Here are the steps to access the clipboard history and share it on another Windows 10 device whenever the user wants.

clipboard history

Step 1.

To access, you just have to press the Windows key + V. Immediately the history window will pop up where you can paste and pin the most frequently used items within the PC and pin them by choosing a particular item in the clipboard menu. This action will make an item unremovable from the clipboard history.

Step 2.

To achieve sharing the items within the clipboard on another device that manages the Windows 10 or 11 cloud

  1. First the user must select Start, go to the configuration section.
  2. Once you are in Settings, you must go to System and then to Clipboard.
  3. Tap Sync across devices and turn on that feature.
  4. You should then select  “Automatically sync the text I copied” and you are good to go.

Note that the sync feature is tied to the user’s Microsoft account or company work account, so you need to remember the same sign-in information on all devices.