How to create your own WhatsApp ‘stickers’: this is how it works

Today, we can only create our own ‘stickers’ with third-party developer applications

WhatsApp continues to add new features to its instant messaging platform to stay ahead of the industry. Although others such as Telegram are one step ahead in terms of innovation, the application that belongs to the Facebook conglomerate has a user base large enough to be ahead easily. However, and given that the market is increasingly competitive, there is no other option but to innovate to satisfy the demand of the community.

Several years ago, specifically in October 2018 , WhatsApp released the ‘stickers’ on the platform. A new type of images, larger than the traditional emojis, through which we could express all kinds of feelings without saying a single word. Since the supply of stickers was too limited in the beginning, some developers launched their own tools to create WhatsApp stickers.

WhatsApp works on a new tool to create your own stickers

Hence, applications such as Sticker Maker were born, available for both iOS and Android . Some tools through which we could turn any photograph into a functional sticker. Several years later, and after verifying the success of this type of application, WhatsApp works on a new tool so that we can create our own stickers without leaving the application. This has been announced by the specialized media Wabetainfo through its website , where it has demonstrated what this new tool consists of and how it can be used.

According to the aforementioned medium, creating a sticker on the platform will be as easy as sending a simple photograph. After opening a conversation with the person to whom you want to send the personalized sticker , you will only have to follow the same steps as if you were to send the image in question. When you have selected the photo, WhatsApp will open a small menu where you can edit it in different ways. Among other things, the platform allows you to crop the photograph, add some color to it and put some text on it.

So you can create your own stickers without leaving WhatsApp

Among all these options a new one will appear that, as the specialized media has shown, will allow us to make our own stickers. When we have clicked on this option, the photograph will be resized to the point of becoming a functional sticker and will inherit the format of the popular stickers. Therefore, and in case this project goes ahead, we will no longer have to go to third-party platforms to make our own stickers.

At the moment they have not clarified if we can also create moving stickers, so we will have to settle for applications like the one mentioned above to continue developing this type of content. However, the customization of stickers is closer than ever.