How to deal with a TikTok account lockout

Take action against TikTok ‘s temporary ban  and learn about the app’s policies and violations.


TikTok  is one of the most popular social networks during the COVID-19 pandemic. The content creators of this platform highlight its versatility, as well as its effects and sounds.

By having a TikTok account you can suffer one of the biggest difficulties that perhaps all social networks have: being permanently blocked.

Reasons why TikTok can block an account

The blocking on TikTok,  like all social networks, has an explanation and solution; however, it is necessary to learn how to recover an account, as well as always keep in mind some tips on proper use so as not to break the application’s policies.

TikTok covers nearly 1 billion accounts, the Chinese company invested millions of yuan in artificial intelligence and trained personnel to monitor every movement and detect inappropriate use of the application, which ends in a permanently blocked account.

Although the user has not violated any of the policies, artificial intelligence can also make mistakes and there are many users who without doing anything are notified about the blocking of their account.

It is the user’s responsibility to know the rules of coexistence of TikTok , since the account can be deleted, even by mistake, or because the user violated the rules. 

How to request the unlocking of my account?

TikTok also has zero tolerance for pornographic, obscene, or offensive content, and does not tolerate racism or bullying.

If the social network determines that a profile is in breach of these rules, it will permanently block it. Not all accounts with this material are terminated by the system, but it is the users who report the fact so that TikTok reviews and takes action on the matter.

If the user did not violate any of the policies and it is a mistake, TikTok has no qualms about returning the account to the original state, for this the user can fill out a request by entering the mail service and opening a new e-mail, Placing TikTok as a recipient under the email antispam[email protected] , lines below must include the username you have on the social network and explain the reasons for blocking, as well as the category for which you cannot access the account, which are: account suspension, blocking or deletion.

The next step is to email TikTok and wait for them to review the case. In less than five days, the account will be restored if it was an error.