How to export your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

Learn how to change the messaging application from WhatsApp to Telegram without  losing  your chat history .


The popularity of the Telegram application grew from the changes in the privacy policies produced in WhatsApp at the beginning of last year. 

This reason further increased the users on the messaging and VOIP platform created by the brothers Nikolai and Pável Dúrov.

After these events, many people decided to work with the two messaging services, since each one offered benefits that were practical when it came to being able to communicate with different users who carried WhatsApp or Telegram for their daily lives. For this reason, the two apps have been updated in order to retain and attract users. However, Telegram took an interesting step: the option to transfer WhatsApp chats to its platform.

In this way, you can add past conversations from previous WhatsApp users to Telegram messaging and not start a history from scratch. Here are the steps to carry out the process.

Transfer WhatsApp messages to Telegram

The steps are very simple, for this it is always necessary to keep updated each operating system that the user handles on his mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

  1. Open WhatsApp and choose the conversation that the user wants to export
  2. After that, you must press the button less than the three vertical points
  3. Press to Export chat
  4. Optional: The person can click on Include Files if they want photos, videos or GIFs to be sent
  5. Then, look for the option to export them to the Telegram application , to the chat you want.
  6. The process may take a while
  7. Finish the process and you’re done.

In this way, the Telegram messaging user will be able to transfer the messages that they like from WhatsApp in a super fast process, it is not necessary to carry out another process, just choose the chat they want and in this way complete the export. It should be noted that Telegram is an application that saves chats through the cloud, so the user has the option to access from the desktop application or Telegram Web when opening on another mobile device, it will not be necessary to constantly make backup copies .