How to forward WhatsApp messages without showing the ‘Forwarded’ label

Today we propose a WhatsApp trick related to one of the most used functions of this messaging app. It is about the possibility of forwarding messages without showing them as such. You get a funny joke, meme, photo, or interesting video, and you hit the Forward button. That way, you can send your contacts the best of the internet and laugh with a text message, a photo, a video, audio, or anything you can send in a chat or WhatsApp group.

But there is a downside. If you forward something, WhatsApp adds a tag or marker indicating that someone has forwarded that message or content to another WhatsApp chat or group. Come on, WhatsApp warns you, “if it was your friends or family who wrote the messages they sent you or if someone else did.” It is a way of indirectly giving “authorship” to viral content. And, incidentally, it makes it easier to identify if it is fake news or a chain hoax.

Is it possible to skip that tag? Is there a way to forward WhatsApp messages without showing them as  Forwarded? Luckily, there is a WhatsApp trick with which you can do it.

The official method of forwarding messages

Forwarding WhatsApp messages has no secret. You don’t need any WhatsApp trick here. Within a chat or group, click on the Forward button that appears next to any WhatsApp message. That button or arrow is prominent. You can also click on a message until you see the context menu.

Once the Forward function is selected, choose the recipient, an individual chat, or a WhatsApp group. Finally, click on the  Send button, and that’s it. You have already forwarded a WhatsApp message. As we said, it is used for messages, multimedia files, locations, contacts. Whatever you can add to a WhatsApp conversation.

Of course: to avoid the dissemination of messages en masse, WhatsApp limits the forwarding of messages to a  maximum of five chats at a time. And, as we said, “the messages that you forward and that you have not written will show the” Forwarded “label, which will be visible to both you and the recipient.”

WhatsApp’s trick to avoid the label

This WhatsApp trick is very simple. It consists of using an alternative route. If we cannot use the Forward function, we will use a similar one:  Share. With this option, you can send any WhatsApp element to other applications: messages, photos, videos, audios, locations, files.

But the Share function can also be used with the same application. That is, you can share things from WhatsApp to WhatsApp instead of forwarding them. As easy as it sounds. A WhatsApp hack without small print.

With photos, videos and files, as I said, this WhatsApp trick works very well. However, you may not see the Share with text messages or links option. In that case, you have to select the content by clicking on it and then clicking on Copy. Once done, go to the destination conversation and paste that message.