How to hide our house if it appears on Google Maps

You can request Google to hide our house on Google Maps with the following steps.


Every internet user has searched, at least once, for their home on Google Maps . It is a custom, as well as putting your name in the search engine. However, many do not like the idea because of the risk of privacy breach. And for them there is a solution.

Google Maps allows users who are not happy with the display of their addresses in the service to be able to request that their house be blurred or that the images that contain it be removed in the Street View tool.

How to ask Google to hide your house from Maps?

To request that Google blur your house from Google Maps, the first thing you should do is go to it.

In Google Maps , put your address and open the Street View section, locating yourself at the closest point to it and showing it completely.

There, click on the three dots that appear in the box at the top left and select “Report a problem.”

A menu of options will open here, led by the image that came out in the Street View. From here we can ask that not only our house be blurred, but also a face, a license plate or another object.

After supporting why we want our address to be hidden, we complete the rest of the fields with our data and that’s it! We will have to wait for a response from the company on the case. Of course, remember that once requested and accepted, there is no going back. 

Fortunately, Apple Maps and Bing also allow you to request this concealment.