How to hide photos and videos in Google Photos

Google has a tool to hide files that are more private to the person from public view or from the common reel of photos and videos.


On many occasions, Google users , who store their photos and videos within Google Photos , wonder if these files are really private, and they really are, unless the user has shared their camera roll with other people. 

However, in the opposite case and, in times where privacy prevails, many people seek to increase the privacy of these image or video files and hide them so that they do not appear on the main page of the application, for this, there is a solution: The private folder.

The private folder function is a new option to keep your photos and videos out of public view or from the main screen of the application. This file cabinet is protected by screen lock. Therefore, here will be the steps to activate the private folder and store intimate visual content.

Activate private folder

It should be noted that this tool is linked to Google photos , so the device and/or operating system must be constantly updated to make Google work better .


In order to hide photos and videos from view, the user must first set up the new private Google Photos folder , with these steps:

  1. Open Google Photos .
  2. The user must go to Library, after that, look for the Utilities section and, consequently, Private Folder.
  3. Click on Configure Private Folder to activate it

After these steps, the Google Photos configuration window will warn the following:

  • Items will be hidden from the Photos camera roll, searches, and from apps that have access to photos on the user’s device.
  • This folder will open with the lock screen of the device.
  • These items will not be shared or backed up.

Therefore, the user must take into account that the photos and videos that will be moved to said folder will no longer be seen, nor can they be accessed easily and will have a link to the mobile device’s lock screen.

How to move photos and videos to private folder?

After configuring the private folder, the user will be able to move from the main gallery to this hidden cabinet, through these steps.

  1. Choose the items you want to move from the main Google Photos gallery .
  2. Select the photos or videos and look for the option to move to the private folder, the user will be able to recognize it because it has a lock icon. In addition, you will also have the possibility to transfer the file from the photo information, by clicking on the icon of three vertical points at the top of the image and that’s it.
  3. Wait for the transfer process.

This way you already have your photos and videos out of reach of the main camera roll.

An important fact about the Private Folder is that when you delete a file from this folder, the item will be permanently deleted from Google Photos , even from the trash. On the other hand, if you want to bring a file back from the Private Folder to the main photo list, just tap on the photo or video and choose the Move option, the files will automatically go back to the gallery.