How to know which users visited my Facebook profile 2021

Do you want to know who saw your Facebook profile? Know the steps to perform this simple trick without the need to install external applications.

Do you remember Hi5? That social network was born in 2003, and where many users used it to publish their favorite photos, well, basically that was the dynamic, something similar to what Instagram is today. However, Hi5 had the option to see who had visited your Profile. This time we will teach you a straightforward trick to find out which people took a look at your Facebook profile.

Facebook is the largest social network of all time; it is commonly used to view news, photos, statuses, etc. Also, you can chat and watch videos or live broadcasts; in short, it is an entirely complete application. There is something that the Mark Zuckerberg app has not added so far; we refer to the tool that allows you to see who has entered your Profile.

There is a straightforward trick to know which users on Facebook have passed through your Profile, whether they are contacts that you have added or not. It is essential to clarify that to carry out this action. It will not be necessary to install additional programs on your computer or laptop.


  • First, log in to Facebook from a computer or laptop.
  • Now, head over to your profile and press F12 or Control + U.
  • A tab with the Facebook HTML code will automatically open.
  • The next step is to press Control + F, type Buddy_ID, and hit enter.
  • Afterward, various codes will be shaded red.
  • Between these codes, you will see the word Buddy_ID and next to it a multi-digit number. You must copy the latter and in a new tab, write the following: paste the code).
  • Pressing enter will take you to the Profile that visited your Profile.

Although this trick does not reveal what date and time a user saw your Profile, it is exciting to know who is aware of what you publish. The method is 100% safe and does not violate any data or personal information.

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