How to limit data consumption on the cell phone

The use of data is the amount of data that a cell phone  consumes in its daily navigation, including the processes of downloading and uploading information.


Although each year the data plans of the different operators are getting larger, many users seek to manage and reduce the data consumption on their cell phone, so as not to run out of internet before their monthly expiration date. 

Having your data under control is one of the best ways to avoid surprises and mishaps before the end of the month or before the contracted data plan runs out. In order to avoid this problem, it is best to limit the data by setting a cap, at this point, the user will be able to decide if they want to continue using it and better control what to do and how to manage the remaining data.

To do this, the user must have configured the data network on the mobile device, a process that must be done efficiently to avoid future problems.

put a cap

 Setting a limit will automatically turn off data on the device when the set limit is reached. In order to do this, you have to go to Device Settings/ Network and Internet/ Data usage. Now within this space, the user will have to click on the “Define data limit” option, press accept, then enter a limit number to be able to define specifically between the range of MB or GB. After this step, we click on “Set”, and when the mobile data reaches the set point, it will stop immediately, thus avoiding surprises.

 When the limit is reached, the mobile will send a notification to the main screen. Also, if you want to turn on mobile data, the user will need to follow the steps above and turn off the Set device data limits option.

A cap on apps

If the user has detected that an app is consuming more data than it should, they will have two alternatives. The first and, the most abrupt, will be to completely uninstall the application. If this is a recurring or essential app for daily use, you may have the option to restrict background data usage for this and other apps.

To do this, you will have to go again to the Settings / Networks and Internet / Data Usage section. You should then scroll down to the bottom of the options and find the specific app you want to limit background data usage.