How to measure my Internet speed at home and on the street using the cell phone?

Get to know one of the most used tools worldwide to measure the internet . What makes it so special? 


Thanks to the pandemic, the internet has become an essential tool for work, education and personal relationships. With the internet, the user can connect in real time with other users, search for information and entertainment. Due to its importance, the fact that there is a network outage greatly harms users. 

The problems of the internet crash

Many users experience a dropped internet connection at least once a month and attribute it to the phone company or non-payment, although it doesn’t always happen in that scenario. 

When the user is up to date with their payments and there are no other devices that are hanging on the Wi-fi network, it is normal to want to know or find out the problem, since most of the time connection problems are attributed to the speed of the network, this detail can be found by calling the telephone line and checking the available data plan.

Although there are countless applications on the internet to measure connection speed, there is one that millions of users go to every day and that has positioned itself as the best worldwide.

Speedtest and the data measurement solution 

This is Speedtest , an application that promises to measure the internet in a matter of seconds, for free and safely. With the Speedtest tool you will be able to analyze the internet data transmission with just one click.

Speedtest is an app that measures the speed in which the internet loads, downloads data and network connection speed, this application measures any type of connection, be it mobile data or wi-fi.

It is super intuitive, since once the user downloads it, they only have to open it and select what they want to ” measure the internet connection”,  the process is fast and in less than 30 seconds it will display the connection status. In addition, it offers the option to share the result through other applications, such as WhatsApp, in case the user needs to share the status of their internet.

In total, you will see 3 results : the ping – the delay in milliseconds between our connection and the servers -, download – the speed contracted with the operator – and upload – speed of uploading content to the network -. If the download is below 70% of the speed contracted from the same router of the operator, it is cause for a complaint before OSIPTEL or the telecommunications regulator in your country.