How to put the background of your camera in Zoom in a blurred way

Know in this notes the steps to modify the Zoom background  so that it is shown in a blurred way in the video call.


Zoom is a well-known video chat software program launched in 2013, being one of the most reliable platforms for the use of video conferences .

Its video chat service that allows up to 100 participants at the same time, with the possibility of upgrading to 1000 people. through a paid plan.

During the course of the  COVID-19 pandemic , the platform saw an increase in app downloads as it became indispensable for telecommuting, becoming the fifth most downloaded app globally since 2015. Thanks to its massive growth In such a short time, the platform has shown a huge number of updates to create more comfort among users, generating tools such as blurring, to avoid showing your background if you wish.

Steps to blur background in Zoom

In order to access this tool, you must have the latest Zoom update installed on your computer or mobile device.

  1. Enter Zoom and go to the “Settings” section, in the menu press the “Backgrounds and filters” option.
  2. Go to the “Virtual Backgrounds” link.
  3. Next to the “No background” option you will find the “Blur” option.

New updates to this tool are expected, since unlike its Google Meet competitions , the Zoom application does not yet allow you to graduate or regulate the level of blur, so the slightest movement or distance from the camera must be presented to avoid being out of focus. with the background.