How to set up an Amazon Echo with Alexa?

Echo dot by Alexa has become the favorite gadget of many users, configuring it is very simple.


Many people have acquired the Amazon Echo , either because of offers or its great demand in the market.

The Amazon assistant is a great way to accompany daily activities and once installed, very easy to use, in this note we will address each one of the steps to properly set up your  Amazon Echo .

important fact

  • Remember that, to use this device, we must have the Alexa application correctly installed on our mobile.

Download Alexa

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Find the Alexa app .
  • Start your download and wait for it to finish.

App settings

  • Once installed, it requests an account link.
  • Fill in the requested data.
  • Then select devices.
  • A new window will appear, select the + symbol, which is in the upper right.
  • A floating window with options will appear.
  • Select add device.
  • A window will appear with different devices to choose from.
  • Select Amazon Echo .
  • A window will appear with a list of Echo devices.
  • Select the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more option .

Connecting Echo for the first time

  • Once your Echo is powered on, it will enter setup mode.
  • The Alexa app will ask if the Echo device is in setup mode.
  • We confirm.
  • Another window will appear, asking for location permissions
  • Select allow access
  • The automatic search will start
  • Select your Amazon Echo
  • Request to choose your Wi-Fi network
  • We connect the device with the Wi-Fi network
  • A window will appear asking for the location of the device, select the most convenient to enjoy excellent sound quality
  • Ask to confirm address
  • Once finished, the option appears to use Amazon music for 30 days free and then it will cost $4 per month.
  • You can accept or pass this option by skipping.
  • The final configuration complete window appears

Using Alexa with the device

  • Then we go to the start of Alexa.
  • We select devices.
  • And you will have the volume control, among others.
  • You can link with your TV.
  • Set alarm sounds, notifications, etc.

Following all these steps will achieve a correct installation of Amazon Echo and Alexa , which opens the door to using a smart assistant in the home.