How to surprise your child with a greeting from Netflix characters?

Surprise your child with this Netflix trick , which will allow their favorite characters to greet them on their birthday.


Whether you have Netflix or not, birthdays are a special date and it is even more so if parents give their little children an unforgettable memory, that is why today you will learn a way to celebrate their birthdays and make them feel happy with the help of the platform streaming.

The typical thing is to make a meeting with family and friends, accompanied by a cake and gifts. But on this occasion, you will discover another fun and ingenious way that, together with the help of  Netflix ,  you will be able to achieve a pleasant surprise for your children. Did you know that the characters of Netflix children’s series will be able to dedicate a special message to your child for his birthday? Learn in the following note how to do it and what characters the popular platform has.

How to activate the birthday greeting on Netflix?

Being able to find these Netflix videos is simple, because you only have to follow two steps, and give your child a good memory and make him feel special on his birthday.

First, you will have to go to the search option of the streaming platform and then, in the search option, you must write the word birthday and the Netflix platform will show a long list with all the congratulations that are available for children. In this way, we will already have a list of congratulations, which can be used for a more special birthday wish. 

List of congratulations available on Netflix

So far in Latin America there are sixteen children’s series available on Netflix, which are:

  • Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug
  • Barbie
  • troll hunters
  • Madagascar
  • petunia moon
  • Beat Bugs
  • Project MC2
  • dinotrux
  • fabulous vocabulary
  • Skylanders
  • The leyend

Each greeting is represented by the main character or characters of the children’s series, who dedicate a message to the birthday and sing the happy birthday in a cheerful video that lasts between one and three minutes. In this way, the children’s favorite characters will be able to surprise the birthday boy, thanks to this function provided by the streaming platform, Netflix .