How to use Google to find your lost cell phone?

Know the functionality of Google Find My Device in case of loss of your mobile device


Internet giant Google has a free feature on most Android mobile devices, which allows you to locate your Tablets and Smartphones in case of loss or theft. This exclusive functionality of Google is known as Google Find my Device.

In this note we will cover the steps to achieve a correct configuration, synchronization and search of the device from any device, the only requirement is to have an active Google account on your mobile device.

Activate Google Find My Device

  • Open settings.
  • Select Google or Google services
  • A window will appear with your active profile
  • Select find my device
  • Activate master button

locate the device

There are three ways, the first from the WEB or from another mobile device.


  • Type Google Find my Device in the browser
  • Sign in to Google account
  • A window will appear
  • The devices linked to the account appear in the upper left panel.
  • Choose the device to search and it will show its location on the map

android mobile

  • Install Find my Device from Google Play
  • Log in
  • It will request location permissions, click accept
  • The device will appear on the map so you can locate them.

From the phone

  • Without installing anything go to Google
  • Log in
  • find my device
  • The location will appear on the map

Additional data

  • Another function of Google find my device is to play sounds, reduce volume. Very important if you lose your phone with the volume on silent.
  • Lock device, serves as a precautionary measure, you can also place a text message on the phone screen so that whoever finds it returns the device.
  • Wipe data could be said to be very useful in case of theft, as you can delete all your personal information before the thief uses it.