How to write the letter ‘Ñ’ if it is not found on your keyboard?

If your PC keyboard does not have the letter ‘ Ñ ‘, here you will learn how to use this spelling with the different functions that exist. 

Currently it can be seen that the letter ‘Ñ’ isnot included in the keyboards of a PC , if your laptop is in English or another language.

Even if the language is changed on your laptop, it will not cause the  key to appear  on the keyboard. So that you can freely write words with this spelling , we will explain throughout this note how to do it in different ways.

Know the different ways to write the letter Ñ

Make copy and paste

One of the easiest ways for you to write the letter ‘Ñ’ is to do a copy and paste; To do this you must go to your browser and look for the letter ‘Ñ’ on a page  and then go to the space where you are writing and paste it. 

Replace a keyboard equivalent to Ñ

As a last option, you must make sure that your Windows is configured in Spanish, and the letter will be tacitly on the keyboard, it is usually next to the letter ‘ L’ , and you will only have to press the key to make it appear.

Code to use the Ñ

You can make use of the combinations of keys and numbers that will help you to put the letter ‘ Ñ’ . It has different codes , either for uppercase or lowercase.

To get the uppercase ‘ Ñ’ , you must use ALT + 0209, while to get the lowercase ‘ ñ’: ALT + 0241.

For this to work, you must use the number pad, the one on the right side of the laptop, not the one on top. You just have to hold down the ‘ ALT ‘ keyand then put the code.

Virtual keyboard with the letter Ñ

You will have to press the Windows key + R at the same time to bring up the ‘Run’ dialog box and there type ‘ osk’ and ‘OK’ to bring up the virtual keyboard. If the letter ‘ Ñ’ does not appear , you will need to change your laptop settings to Spanish and the letter ‘ Ñ’ will appear .