The role of Wolverine gave Hugh Jackman a lot of satisfaction , but apparently there was also a price to pay.
In fact.


the actor confessed that playing the famous Marvel Mutant had repercussions on his voice. A guest on the BBC’s Front Row
radio show , Jackman said:

With Wolverine I ruined my voice. My falsetto isn’t as loud as it used to be and I really think it’s all the growling and yelling to blame. My voice teacher in drama school would be horrified at some of the things I did as Wolverine. In school we learned a technique for yelling without spoiling the voice. But playing Wolverine I screamed in a way that I think damaged my voice. I’m working on it. I’m working with a singing teacher and trying not to get hurt. I commit myself both from a physical point of view and in the preparation of the voice for each role.

Wolverine and Deadpool

We will soon see Hugh Jackman again as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 . Ryan Reynolds will obviously reprise the role of Deadpool, while behind the camera we will find Shawn Levy .