Huawei increases profits despite US sanctions

Huawei has relied on one of its main strengths: infrastructure.

Huawei resurfaces despite the harsh sanctions that the United States has imposed on the Chinese company, accusing it of espionage.

Bloomberg reports that Huawei has achieved its sales for the first time since the United States tightened its sanctions in 2020.

Huawei ‘s revenue increased by 1% in the last quarter on record, which ended in June.

Huawei managed to raise 170.6 billion yuan, about 25.3 billion dollars in exchange.

The Chinese company relied on the strength of its infrastructure sector, which has made it a leading company in connectivity.

“While our device business was hit hard, our ICT infrastructure business maintained sustainable growth,” said Ken Hu, Huawei ‘s rotating chairman .

Huawei’s plans for the future

Huawei is a company that allocates a considerable amount of resources to research and development.

Smart cities and electric cars are segments the company is known to be dabbling in.

“Looking forward, we will take advantage of digitization and decarbonization trends to continue creating value for our customers and partners to ensure quality development,” explained Ken Hu.