Huawei will present its new foldable, the Mate Xs 2, on April 28

This 2022 is filling up with foldables and Huawei could not miss it.


Huawei continues to bet on folding phones with the imminent launch of the Mate Xs 2.

The cell phone will be presented in China on Thursday, April 28, as revealed by the company’s Weibo account.

Huawei foldables

Huawei ‘s proposal is similar to Samsung ‘s .

The Mate X2 , presented in February 2021, has a similar design to the Galaxy Z Fold , opening like a book. This is complemented by the Huawei P50 Pocket , a folding “toad” following the same path as Samsung with the Z Flip.

But we could see the return of a form that Huawei has used in the past. The promotional material for the Huawei Mate Xs 2 does not show many details, but it seems that this cell phone will follow the path of the Mate Xs with the outer screen folding.