Huawei’s smartwatch with wireless headphones is real

The Chinese company had planned to launch the product this week.


Huawei has a unique product in its new catalogue, mixing two quite popular gadgets.

This is the Huawei Watch Buds , a smart watch that has a container for wireless headphones.

The product was confirmed by the company in a video posted on the Chinese social network Weibo on November 29 and was scheduled to be officially launched on December 2.

However, Huawei ‘s event was indefinitely postponed along with other Chinese companies. The most apparent reason is the death of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin on Wednesday.

Watch plus headphones: Winning combo?

The delay of the Huawei event deprives us of specific details such as autonomy, both the clock of the headphones, dimensions and other characteristics.

What Huawei offers with its Watch Buds can be an attractive product for runners, for example.

It remains to be expected that Huawei reschedules its end-of-year event to learn more about what’s new in its catalog.