At every edition of the Oscars there is always someone who, willingly or unwillingly, manages to earn the front pages without being nominated.


In the case of Hugh Grant , however, the English actor didn’t want to attract so much attention… in fact, he probably didn’t even want to leave the house.

Invited to last night’s ceremony to present the Best Art Direction category, Grant was interviewed on the red carpet by Countdown to the Oscars host Ashley Graham , but it’s clear from the outset that the former romantic-comedy star would have preferred to be somewhere else.

Grant is not in the least impressed by the Academy Awards , which he likens to a “vanity fair”. She is referring to the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray (originally Vanity Fair ), but the interviewer believes she is talking about the magazine of the same name, sponsor of the evening. When asked if he has any particular expectations, and if he hopes anyone in particular will win, he replies: “No, nobody in particular . ” He’s clearly uncomfortable – others would say moody – and the rest of the interview doesn’t improve. Asked what he is wearing, Hugh Grant replies “My suit!” , and then he claims he can’t remember who the tailor is. Finally, Grahamshe asks him about acting in Glass Onion , but the actor still doesn’t have much to say:

“Well, [in the film] I’m barely there, I appear for like three seconds.”
“But you had fun, right?”

Note his sly expression when Graham greets him.

Obviously, criticisms have been unleashed on the internet, but there are also supporters. It must be said that, although the interviewer only did her job, the questions weren’t exactly irresistible: they are always the usual ceremonial banality, full of clichés and forced smiles. Hugh Grant didn’t want to hide behind rhetoric, and responded without too many filters (moreover with a subtle irony that Americans, used to monitoring every single aspect of these events, hardly understand or accept).

“Basically a scrotum”

The sarcasm – this time self-deprecating – was repeated on stage. Joined by Andie MacDowell , the actor said:

The purpose [of our presence here] is twofold. The first is to emphasize the vital importance of a good moisturizer. Andie has used one of hers every day for her entire life, I haven’t. She is still beautiful. I’m practically a scrotum.

In short, the Notting Hill star really left his mark on the ceremony… even if, perhaps, this was not his intention.