We have just reviewed Groot in Thor: Love and Thunder , but the adorable anthropomorphic plant will soon be at the center of an animated series.


It will take us back to the past: I Am Groot will in fact tell some of his little comic adventures, set between the Guardians of the Galaxy ending. : Vol. 2 and the scene during the credits where Groot was already a teenager.

Well, Empire has released a new official image, accompanied by statements from director Kirsten Lepore .

In the five episodes that make up the show, Groot will perform various pranks:

As Groot as he is and as cute as he is, he is also a very mischievous urchin. [The show is an opportunity to] do something weird, rude and sci-fi. It was a very fun space to play in.

The tones will be purely humorous:

There aren’t many comedy series among Marvel’s animated productions, so while [the episodes] are short, we were able to emphasize the fun.

It has already been confirmed that there will be a cameo from Rocket , but other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy could make an appearance as well. Lepore specifically refers to an episode titled Magnum Opus , where Groot steals various items from his teammates:

I will say that perhaps he will steal some things from his fellow Guardians, who may or may not make an appearance, to create something very large and truly magnificent.

The director says even James Gunn could make a vocal cameo, so we’ll see (and hear). I Am Groot will debut August 10 on Disney + , but in the meantime you can see the image below.

The image

The cast of I Am Groot

Vin Diesel returns to voice Groot , who as we know always utters the same phrase (“I am Groot”). Bradley Cooper is the voice of Rocket again .

The creator

The creator of the series is Ryan Little , in the role of head writer .

I study

I Am Groot is made by Luma Pictures , a special effects studio that has worked on many Hollywood blockbusters, including most recently Spider-Man: Far From Home and Godzilla vs. Kong .