Sometimes They Come Back: Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has decided to make the sequel to I Am Legend.


A 2008 film based on Richard Matheson ‘s masterpiece of the same name .

The novel had already been adapted in 1964 ( The Last Man on Earth ) and in 1971 ( 1975: White Eyes on Planet Earth ).

Stellar couple

Will Smith will return in the sequel , starring in the first chapter in the role of Robert Neville , and will be joined by Michael B. Jordan . A very successful couple: their films combined have earned $ 12.3 billion worldwide.

There are no plot details, but we do know that the script will be written by Akiva Goldsman , former writer of I Am Legend . Will Smith ‘s character died at the end of the film, so it will be interesting to find out how his return will be justified. The sequel, however, does not yet have a director.

The announcement

Will Smith announced the project with a cryptic post on Instagram, along with Michael B. Jordan :


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Akiva Goldsman will produce the sequel with Greg Lassans via Weed Road Pictures . Michael B. Jordan and Elizabeth Raposo will produce with their Outlier Society . Smith and Jon Mone will alsobe producers. Ryan Shimazaki will oversee the project on behalf of Westbrook Studios . The executive producer will be James Lassiter .

The synopsis of the first film

This is the official synopsis of I Am Legend , which grossed nearly $ 600 million worldwide. The director was Francis Lawrence .

The last man on Earth is not alone. That last survivor is played by Will Smith in I Am Legend, an action epic that fuses breathtaking tension with the shocking vision of an uninhabited Manhattan. Immune for some reason to an unstoppable and incurable virus, military virologist Robert Neville (Smith) is the last human being left alive in New York and, perhaps, throughout the world. Victims of the epidemic turned mutants lurk in the shadows… spying on Neville’s every move… waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Neville has only one mission left to complete: find an antidote using his own blood immune to the virus. But he knows he is in the absolute minority … and his time is running out.

We will keep you posted.