iCloud: What is it and how to use it from Apple devices?

Apple users use iCloud as a storage system and it is used to save different files such as: photos, documents, among others.


iCloud is an Apple storage service , it is one of the most used today, since its devices such as IPhone, iPad and Mac are synchronized when they are associated with the same account, which means that files can be shared and viewed from the different technological devices that the user has.

What is iCloud?

It is a storage system similar to Drive servers, OneDrive among others. The only difference is that this server is from the Apple company and its devices connect synchronously with no configuration required. The use is free and has 5 GB of storage.

What is iCloud for?

Like other storage systems, iCloud is used to save documents, photos, folders automatically in your account and on the server’s website. Also, documents can be shared with users who use iCloud, being beneficial for university students or for the home office

How to access iCloud?

Apple and Windows devices allow access to the iCloud storage service in different ways. Each of them is completely safe and is done from the official pages of the iOS system.

Access from a Mac

In the Finder of the Mac, the iCloud Drive will be displayed, specifically in the bar that is located on the left, just press that option and all the folders and documents will be seen.

Access from iPad or iPhone

On the device, the user must visit the Files section and will find their photos, videos and stored data.

Access from Windows

Users of other operating systems will be able to use iCloud Drive only by downloading the app from the official Apple platform.

Learn to share files on your iCloud

To share a file or folder from iCloud Drive, the following steps must be followed.