If your washing machine smells bad, it may be due to microorganisms

Bacteria and fungi, added to humidity and high temperatures, can cause a bad smell in washing machines

Even when you want to save energy, it is important to run the washing machine  at least once a month at high temperatures.

Because if it does, the microorganisms from the laundry can colonize in the humid environment of the machine and multiply.


Bacteria and fungi come, for example, from food, human skin or other natural dirt such as soil, plants and animal hair, which enter the machine with used clothing.

This layer of bacteria and fungi – also called biofilm or biofilm – can develop an unpleasant odor, which can also be transferred to freshly washed clothes.

According to the German initiative Forum Waschen , normally no contamination by germs that poses a risk to health develops.

According to cleaning experts, to avoid the problem it is enough to wash clothes at least once a month at 60 degrees, using a laundry detergent that contains bleach or a universal detergent. They are usually powders, granules or pearls, but not liquid products.