Immersive View: Google Maps brings a new way to visit cities with artificial intelligence

During the Google I/O 2022 event , the company has unveiled new tools for the Maps app , including an ‘immersive view’.


During the Google I/O 2022 event , the tech giant has rolled out some improvements to its maps app, including a feature called Immersive View of select cities.

For several years, users have used Street View in Google Maps as a convenient way to see a particular part of the world without having to physically go there. After several years cataloging images of the world, Google is merging Street View and aerial shots to create “Immersive View” .

The immersive view of Google Maps combines individual views of each city and its landmarks, suggestions of places to learn or visit, and views of the interior of some buildings. 

You’ll also be able to display alternate views of certain areas, such as the city at night, bad weather, or crowded conditions. 

AR LiveView

Meanwhile, when you enter the city with ‘Immersive View’, Google Maps Live View (powered by Augmented Reality technology ) has served as a convenient way to use landmarks and navigate with precision.

Now, Google is opening up the possibility for Live View to be used in third-party applications through the new ARCore geospatial API. Some apps will already start using these APIs to create new user experiences.