Improve your meme production with this application that creates instant templates

Elevate your creation of memes with the Antimatter application , which is capable of removing text and creating a template for you to edit yourself.

Currently, memes are already an established form of communication in the world of social networks . However, creating memes is a time-consuming and knowledge-intensive task, from finding the template in the huge image search engine and using editing software to add text to it.

The application Reverse Meme Search of Antimatter has recently been launched to web and a beta version of iOS , your goal is to make memes production more quickly and efficiently.

Reverse Meme Search

Once the app removes text from a meme to make it a template , you can use the app’s built-in photo editor to add your own phrases and choose the font, color, size, and location. 

“We visualize this app as Instapaper and Pinterest plus Figma. The two key features are (A), collecting visuals (eventually more than just meme templates, whatever visuals you find useful and meaningful) that you (B) store in your library, ”Libov told TechCrunch .

“Antimatter is actually a P2P learning and education company, and Reverse Meme Search is part of the creation experience that we just wanted the world to have sooner rather than later.”