In this way you can modify the input of your iPhone so that it supports USB-C charger

No longer wait any longer for iPhone with USB Type C, now can add correctly by following some modifications of hardware .

Ken Pillonel a robotic engineering student ventured to place a port USB-C fully functional within an iPhone X . Now you’ve gone one step further and posted a much more detailed video of the process, along with a package on GitHub with technical aspects, instructions, and information about the PCB you designed.

The 13-minute video shows the process of the Pillonel mod: combining a Lightning connection to USB-C into a daisy chain to simulate a suitable USB Type-C port.

The great achievement is that the USB-C port inside the iPhone is fully functional for both charging and data transfer.

iPhone Type C

Specifically, Pillonel had to find a way to map power lines and data between Lightning connection on the motherboard of iPhone and USB-C port, and reverse engineer the chip C94 of Apple . 

Next, he had to figure out how to produce a flexible printed circuit that would fit inside the iPhone X and a support structure that would keep the USB-C input in place. 

The iPhone X Type C only for Pillonel is being auctioned on Ebay , which has already reached a value of US $ 5,300.00 at the time of writing this article. However, its creator warns that it should not be used as a daily cell phone, restored, updated or deleted.