India seizes $725 million from Xiaomi for ‘illegal transfers’

India ‘s financial crime investigation agency said it has seized $725 million from the Indian subsidiary of Chinese firm Xiaomi.


which it accuses of making illegal money transfers.

“Rs 55,510 crore (about $725 million) has been seized from Xiaomi Technology India Private Limited in various bank accounts under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Administration Act 1999,” the Indian government agency said on Twitter.

According to the agency, the seizure occurred “in connection with illegal remittances abroad made by the company.”

Money “disguised”

The agency accuses the Chinese phone and technology maker, which began operations in India in 2014, of illegally sending millions of dollars to three overseas companies disguised as copyrights and royalties.

This despite the fact that Xiaomi India had not used the services of these companies, including one belonging to the Xiaomi group , according to the agency.

India claims that these transfers were made under the instructions of the parent company for the benefit of Xiaomi .

The million-dollar seizure comes after the Tax Department last December searched the offices of Xiaomi in a separate tax evasion case, as well as Chinese technology company Oppo , another of the world’s biggest smartphone sellers.

The escalation of tension between New Delhi and Beijing has led to increased scrutiny of Chinese companies in India , which has also blocked more than 200 mostly Chinese-origin apps in the past two years.

Relations between the two countries began to deteriorate after a border clash in the Galwan Valley, west of Lake Pangong, the worst in 45 years between the nuclear powers, in which at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 76 wounded.

Both powers reacted to the confrontation by sending troops to the LAC, which has kept military tension in the region high ever since . New Delhi and Beijing have since tried to solve the crisis through diplomatic channels. (EFE)