Indian airline restricts flights to the US over fears of 5G deployment

Air India fears that the country’s 5G mobile network will interfere with the system on its planes.


The airline Air India announced on Wednesday a restriction of flights to the United States due to the deployment of 5G  mobile network services  in that country, which has caused concern that the new signals interfere with aircraft systems.

“Due to the rollout of 5G communications in the US , our operations from India are restricted/reviewed with changes in aircraft type from January 19, 2022,” the Indian company noted on Twitter.

Air India reported the cancellation on Wednesday of four flights to New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Newark.

The announcement of the Indian airline is added to that of the Emirati Emirates, which yesterday announced the suspension until further notice of flights to nine cities.

They ask to block the 5G

On Monday, major US airlines called on the US government to block the transmission of 5G signals within a 2-mile radius around airport runways before the technology goes live tomorrow.

The companies warned that the new frequency bands of 3.7 to 3.8 gigahertz (GHz), the so-called C-band spectrum, which will give networks greater geographical reach and faster signals, could cause many aircraft safety become “unusable”.

The United States government was already forced in early January to ask two operators (AT&T and Verizon) for an extension to activate the network after the concern expressed by the American Boeing and its main rival, the European Airbus, the largest manufacturers of world aircraft. (EFE)