Empire has released the covers of the new issue of the magazine, due out on November 24, both dedicated to Indiana Jones 5 .


The cover of the newsstand edition features an unedited photo of Harrison Ford as Indy, while the subscriber edition features an illustration by Sam Hadley inspired by the film, featuring Indy “in 1960s New York City”.

Inside the magazine there will be an exclusive article introducing Indiana Jones 5 , with “an avalanche” of new images and the first interviews with the cast, which also consists of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Shaunette Renée Wilson and Boyd Holbrook , as well as director James Mangold , screenwriters Jez and John-Henry Butterworth , and producers Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, and Simon Emanuel .

Some previews

Empire has released some excerpts of what we will read in the new issue. About the film, Harrison Ford said:

It’s full of adventure, full of laughter, full of real thrills. And it’s complex and subtle. The shoot was hard, long and arduous. But I’m very happy with the film we have.

The star added:

I thought it would be nice to see an Indiana Jones movie at the end of its run.

For James Mangold, the important thing was that this was the final Indiana Jones film:

It became very important for me to figure out how to make this a movie about a hero at sunset. The issues I raised about Indy’s age weren’t addressed in the scripts that were being developed at the time, in my opinion. There were the usual “old men” jokes, but the material didn’t address the issue. For me, you always have to face the biggest obstacle head-on. If you try to pretend it doesn’t exist, you end up getting slingshots and darts all the time.

The plot

There are no official details about the film, but the story should take place in the sixties. Various rumors claim that the plot is somehow linked to Operation Paperclip , the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency program that recruited more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers and technicians between 1945 and 1959, some of them former members of the Nazi party. These are just rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. However, we know it will be Harrison Ford’s last performance in the role of the famous archaeologist, while we recently discovered that the character of Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be his goddaughter. The American release of the film is scheduled for June 30, 2023 . Mangold said thatthe first trailer should arrive within the next month and, usually, the first photos of a film are just an appetizer when the trailer comes out.