Influencer is investigated for setting fire to a hill for a TikTok video

In the midst of a heat wave in Pakistan. Several cases of arsons have been reported in order to make videos for social networks.

Pakistani influencer Humaira Ashgar has caused controversy for a recent TikTok video .

The social media personality , with over 11 million followers on TikTok as @dollyofficiall, posted a video of her walking past a hill that is on fire.

“The fire appears wherever I go”, indicates the description of the video that was deleted after several criticisms on TikTok .

The video lacks wisdom and not only because it threatens the environment. Pakistan is suffering from a severe heat wave that has hit several vulnerable populations with temperatures reaching 51°C.

Rina Saeed Khan, a local environmental care specialist, noted that there is a worrying trend of “young people desperate for supporters burning down forests during this hot dry season”.

The Pakistani media The News reported that the police are investigating the incident, which occurred in Lomas de Margalla, a national park.

Unfortunately, the authorities confirmed that this is not the only such incident.

The influencer responds

An assistant to Humaira Ashgar assured that the influencer did not start the fire and that “there was no harm in making videos.”