Instagram adopts some functions of TikTok: Now Reels has audio effects and text-to-speech conversion

As TikTok grows, Instagram is adding new features to its short video platform  Reels .

New features, at least not for TikTok users , are coming to the short video platform Reels . Instagram is adding voice and text-to-speech effects. Voiceovers are widely used in TikTok posts .

Additionally, text-to-speech is a very useful accessibility feature that enables visually impaired people to listen to spoken versions of written text.

“This feature is within our text on film camera tool and allows an automatically generated voice to read your text aloud. Text to speech helps you add narration without using your own voice, get creative and add fun and humor to your reels. ” says Instagram.


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TikTok features

The text-to-speech tool can be found within the text tool in the Reels camera . Once the text is added, a text bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen and you can also choose between two voice options.

On the other hand, voice effects allow you to be more creative with your reels. This new feature will help you modify the audio or voiceover of your short video.

To see the voice effects, tap the music note button once you’ve recorded your ‘reel’ to open the audio mixer and choose the different types of effects.