Instagram explained how its algorithm works to its users

Instagram is looking for its content creators to understand why their posts reach more (or less) audiences.

Instagram has started a “clarification” campaign about how its algorithm worksand wants to put an end to the theory that the app is the one that decides if a content creator is “hidden” from others.

It was the leader of Instagram Adam Mosseri himself who gave more details about the application and the responsibilities of content classification.

instagram explains

According to Mosseri, ” Instagram doesn’t have a singular algorithm that monitors what people do and don’t see on the app.”

According to the executive, there are multiple algorithms and rating systems that underpin different aspects of the app, such as Explore , Reels, Stories , and search. They independently use different signals to determine what to show users.

For example, the order of users’ wall posts is determined by their previous activity, as well as the interactions they have made.

Stories , meanwhile, are based on viewing history as well as “closeness” like friends and family.

Explore recommendations are based on “posts you’ve liked, saved, shared, and commented on in the past,” but are more likely from hitherto unknown accounts


Mosseri also talks about shadowbanning, a practice that, in theory, accuses companies of hiding Pages or content creators from reaching the people who follow them.

The executive notes that there is no universal definition for the word, but acknowledges that many creators “use the term to imply that a user’s account or content is limited or hidden without clear explanation or justification.”

He says that Instagram is working to increase transparency about when creators’ content or accounts are blocked from recommendations the app gives over others