Instagram: How to master the ‘Guides’ feature and what is its use?

Instagram has made new updates that allow different content to be uploaded to the profile, one of them is the ‘guides’.


The Instagram app is constantly updated to meet the needs of its 1 billion active users, a number second only to Facebook .

Instagram went from being a platform where photos and short videos are shared to being a digital environment where you can upload stories, create audiovisual content, carousels, attach links and advertise for companies.

Some of the most popular and current features on Instagram are Ephemeral Stories, Reels, and Guides.

What is an Instagram guide?

Instagram guides are a function that was previously reserved for Influencers or verified accounts, it is an option provided by Instagram to collect information on specific topics and make them easier for the user.

Although the function has been available since 2020, the truth is that in 2022 users continue to explore it and learn. In the guides, content creators can recommend products and services in the style of a blog, and can even be connected to products within the Instagram stores.

This option was created in order to satisfy users, since finding an Instagram profile that fits the needs of a segmented audience has become very important in these last days of digitization.

How to create a Guide on Instagram?

Creating a new guide on Instagram is simple and can be done from the application, for this you will need to have it installed and in its latest update for the iOS or Android system.

In addition, a guide will collect the content already uploaded to the profile, so it is suggested that if the user wants to create one, they already have the content uploaded to their profile.

to start creating a guide:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Click on the ‘+’ icon
  3. Choose the last option in the list ‘Guides’
  4. Choose the theme, they can be: Places (Addresses), Products, Publications.
  5. Add collections to the guide by following the steps in the app.
  6. Add a title and description
  7. Save and view in profile