Instagram: how to search and apply a filter to your stories

Fan of Instagram stories ? Here’s the easy way to find, add, and make the most of filters.


One of the features that fueled the success of Instagram was simplifying photo retouching in the app. Choosing a filter option is enough to immediately change the image, make it black and white, convert it to sepia, saturate it and many other options.

Another novelty that came discreetly but has triumphed in style were the stories. An idea that came from Snapchat, but later also copied by other social networks. And it is that those stories that barely last 24 hours and that allow us to be creative by applying all kinds of filters and effects, are a way to express ourselves quickly and without fear that they will remain there forever.

Now that its success continues to grow, the social network has about 1,000 filters, including those from the app itself and those created by users.

To use Instagram Stories filters, follow these steps:

  • Tap the stories icon in the top right.
  • Slide between the filters with effects at the bottom
  • Capture a photo or video with the filter that you like the most.

How to use the effects gallery

1- Go to the Instagram stories icon at the top right.

2 – In the HISTORY tab, slide the filters with your finger to the right.

3- Click on the final icon, the explore effects magnifying glass.

Here you can search for dozens of new filters that are cataloged in different sections that you can find in the buttons at the top of the screen.

How to find a filter

For some time now, and several updates ago, it is possible to search the many filters by key names. In this way, Instagram has included a magnifying glass in the app’s own browser. Therefore, there are only a few simple steps to do:

  • Access the Stories and slide to the right until you reach the end of all the filters.
  • In the same browser, click on the magnifying glass located at the top right.
  • Here you can search by word or concept.