Instagram: How to successfully unsend a message?

Instagram has the function of deleting messages and unsending them.

The Instagram application has endless tools that help the modern user to get the most out of it, understanding these tools helps the user to master Instagram in its entirety and learn from the creation of content along with other tools for personal and company profiles.

Previously launched as a photolog-style photo and video app, Instagram helps by evolving and adding more features such as stories, Reels , highlights, guides, carousels, among others.

Instagram inbox

Instagram also has its own inbox like Messenger also called ‘direct message’, users can contact each profile privately and even activate the ephemeral mode, this means conversations that self-destruct, just like WhatsApp does and Telegram , a big problem for users were the mistakes of messages that made more than one spend an embarrassing moment, fortunately Instagram implemented the option to undo messages.

To unsend a message on Instagram

To cancel an Instagram shipment, the user must first make sure that the Instagram application is in its latest version and updated, this can be checked from the application store of each operating system.

  1. Then open the app normally.
  2. Pressing the ‘messages’ option is located at the top right represented by the icon of a paper plane.
  3. Open the inbox and select the Chat that contains the wrong message.
  4. Open the Chat to locate the message
  5. A light press will bring up options such as reactions that can be used to react to a message, and reply, unsend, and copy will appear at the bottom.
  6. Press void shipment.

And that’s it, the ‘unsend’ function is very similar to WhatsApp’s ‘deleted message’, only Instagram leaves no trace of having deleted it.