Instagram: how to upload multiple photos in an IG Stories?

The Instagram stories feature now allows you to upload multiple photos simultaneously. How to do it correctly?

The Instagram platform , now well known by young people who love to share their daily lives through the camera, never ceases to amaze its users, since it is now possible to upload several photos to IG Stories.

Layout, the new way to upload photos to IG Stories

This new way to make your profile more entertaining is completely simple and quick to achieve, so in this note we explain step by step how to upload multiple photos to Instagram stories.

Customize multiple photos will allow users to show multiple moments together through a photo collage, also save it to the device and upload it as a post if you want to make a compilation of moments. Layout is also available as an app and works with Instagram.

How to upload multiple photos to IG Stories?

  1. Enter the application and enter the ‘Create story’ section.
  2. Once entered, it will provide the option to enter the different photography modes until you find design or layout .
  3. Select all the images you want to add to the stories.
  4. Sort them, adding the desired customization or placing the favorite filter to each of them.
  5. Click on ‘Next’  and then put a description or also tag each person that appears.
  6. Once each step is done, the story will be completely ready to upload along with the favorite moments in the course of the day.

It is important to know that Instagram allows you to apply your preferred filters and editing tools to the entire post as a whole or to each photo individually.