Instagram introduces Notes, Group Profiles and other new features to the social network

Instagram revealed a series of features being added to its platform headlined by “Notes ”, a new way to share thoughts.


Instagram , a social network owned by Meta , has announced the arrival of a new series of functions that will improve interaction between users and, above all, will allow them to express their thoughts with their followers in interesting ways. Through these tools, people will have more alternatives to connect with their inner circle on the platform.

Through a post  on the official blog of its parent company Meta , Instagram confirmed the implementation of notes, group profiles and new possibilities for the creation of Stories . All these options are coming to the service as of Tuesday, December 13 and will be progressively integrated for all users of the social network as the hours go by.

Instagram introduces notes at your service

The display of “Notes” is the most striking thing about this new Instagram update . According to what the company explains, these constitute a new way of sharing thoughts with followers and seeing what they are doing. These are short posts of up to 60 characters in which only texts and emojis can be used.

To use  Notes , the user must go to the top of their inbox (inbox), select the people they follow or those who are part of their “close friends” and immediately afterwards, the short message on their icon in this same window for about 24 hours. The responses that followers send to these texts will be delivered as DMs to the corresponding user.

“During testing, we found that people liked having a light and easy way to share their thoughts and start conversations. From asking for recommendations to sharing what they’re doing, Notes offer people a casual and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect with others .

Other features being added to Instagram

As part of the new features being added to the platform, Instagram highlighted the arrival of options to create content in more collaborative ways. For example, the “Group Profiles” were highlighted , a kind of circles that users can configure so that their publications or Stories are only shared with those who are included in them. These posts will remain in the group profile and several of them can be created.

Plus, there’s “Collaborative Collections ,” a way for people to connect with friends through shared interests by saving posts to a dedicated window within the group or in direct messages. Users can start or add a collaborative collection by saving a post directly from the feed or by sharing a post with a friend via DM and saving from there.

Finally, Instagram also revealed new tools for Stories . Among them are some improvements to the “Add Yours” nominations (add yours) so that the user can invite friends to participate if they see a suggestion that reminds them of them and the “Candid Stories” (candid stories), a type of content that is only visible to those who also share their own. The latter would also reach Facebook Stories .