Instagram introduces Silent Mode to avoid distractions

Meta ‘s social network gets a big update at the start of 2023.


Instagram is refining its app, introducing a Silent Mode (Quiet Mode), designed so that users can set limits on their time and interactions on the social network.

Silent Mode on Instagram: How does it work?

Users will be able to activate Silent Mode to not receive any notifications.

The profile status entered “in Silent Mode ”, with Instagram sending automatic responses to direct messages.

Instagram Silent Mode can also be scheduled to activate at certain times on a daily basis .

In its official blog, Instagram indicated that Silent Mode will first reach all users in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. “We hope to provide it to other countries soon,” says the social network.

Instagram also improves recommendations

Users will now be able to indicate various content that they are not interested in in “Explore”.

Instagram ensures that it will take this into account so as not to show this type of content in Reels and searches.

It will also be possible to add a list of words, emojis or hashtags for which the user does not want to see recommendations.

Instagram adds more tools for parents

Parents will now receive a notification if their minor children have made changes to their account and privacy settings on their profile.

Instagram will also reveal to parents a list of accounts that their minor children have blocked.