‘Instagram is an amplifier of envy,’ says Elon Musk

Elon Musk  ‘s followers on Twitter suggested “buy Facebook and shut down Instagram ” after the statement.

Elon Musk has attacked a social network again and has now focused on Instagram .

The billionaire has pointed out that this app is an “envy amplifier”.

Elon Musk doesn’t like Instagram

This comment was made by Musk on his Twitter account after seeing a clip of Berkshire Hathaway Vice President Charlie Munger talking about envy.

In said video, the businessman pointed out that the world is not moved by greed, but by envy.

In response to the tweet, Musk said, ” Instagram is an amplifier of envy.”

During an interview in August, Musk mentioned that he only has 54 followers on Instagram and admitted that it was for personal purposes.

” Instagram is the next level thirst trap. I found myself taking a lot of selfies and thought, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Then it was about getting more likes and taking selfies,” Musk said.

Elon Musk continues in his trial against Twitter

In addition to the many comments he received from his followers, Elon Musk received more than one suggestion to buy Facebook and close this social network.

Meanwhile, the billionaire continues in his legal mess against Twitter, a social network that he tried to buy for 44 billion dollars and which he alleged had false data about the bots.

At the moment, the lawyers of both parties are meeting to confront witnesses and statements provided to date by key figures in the process. The trial will officially start on October 17 and will last for 5 days.