Instagram is testing a prototype with BeReal functions, the “anti-Instagram”

BeReal has become popular for its mechanics: giving users just two minutes at a random time of day to take photos.


Instagram doesn’t just have to worry about the growth of TikTok . Another social network that is gaining traction is BeReal , which has been dubbed the “ anti-Instagram ”.

BeReal seeks that the content that is uploaded by its users is the least elaborated and/or sanitized.

For this reason, the app chooses a random time of day to send an alert: users will have just two minutes to take photos of what they are doing at that moment.

BeReal also uses the front camera and the rear camera.

Is Instagram creating a clone of BeReal?

And it seems that BeReal has not gone unnoticed after having reached the first place in downloads in the Apple App Store .

Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi found “ IG Candid ,” a feature Instagram is working on .

The prototype of “ IG Candid ” will allow adding other users to the stories tray. Every day, at a different time, users will receive a notification to capture and share a photo within two minutes.

“This feature is an internal prototype and is not being tested externally,” a Meta spokesperson said, confirming the existence of “ IG Candid .”

Instagram and its pattern of copying functions

This would not be the first copy of BeReal functions by Instagram . Let’s remember that you just added the option of dual shots.

Instagram also added Reels “inspired” by TikTok and Stories are something we first encountered on Snapchat