Instagram keeps a hidden avatar creator in the application: this is how it works

The avatar creator is hidden among the Instagram options , but it can be used in the future in your conversations and posts.


Meta is beginning its transition to the metaverse  first by giving us the option to create avatars of our identity, little drawings that will represent us in the digital world. Facebook  has its own tool, but few have realized that Instagram  has it too.

If we go to the Instagram settings, we can find our own avatar creator that works in parallel to Facebook’s, allowing us to “play” and form our own virtual simile.

instagram avatar maker

Instagram has not made any announcement about it, but the tool is inside the app waiting to be discovered.

To create our Instagram avatar ( emphasizing that it is different from Facebook ), we must go to our profile, go to Settings> Account> Avatars.

Here an editing section will open, where we will have to accept the conditions to proceed to customize our avatar from skin tone, hairstyle, face shape and facial marks, eyes, eyebrows, nose, glasses, accessories, mouth, body, clothes, accessories and more.

Once your avatar is finished, there is a problem: there is no further functionality. At the moment, it cannot be used in chats or in any posts, although it is hoped that a future update can give you these advantages.

What you can do is synchronize it with the Facebook one and replace it to use it on that platform.