Instagram recovers the ‘music statuses’ as in the old MSN Messenger

The Instagram tool allows you to upload a song snippet to your profile Notes, which disappear every 24 hours. Yes, like in the old MSN Messenger.

Former Internet users will fondly remember a feature of the old messaging service MSN Messenger . At those times, you could sync the music player to bring up the songs you heard in your status update, which was usually a hint of some emotion for specific contacts.

Times change, but feelings do not, so now a modern Instagram is recovering this tool for its platform , which will surely be very well received by the millions of young people who use the Meta app

Music notes for Instagram

All Instagram users from all the countries where the app works will be able to share a 30-second sequence of a song in their Notes update, the small texts that are reflected as statuses in the direct messages section.

Thus, all the people who follow us will be able to see and listen to the song that we have decided to share for 24 hours or in a shorter period if we delete it.

In order to add a musical note, you must follow these steps:

  • Launch the Instagram app
  • Go to your Chats
  • Click the “+” icon at the top left of your screen
  • Click “Add Music”
  • Find the track you want to add
  • Add a text or an emoji with the music and finish the process
  • As a way of celebrating, Mark Zuckerberg also shared his own musical note: a song by Miley Cyrus.
  • What are Instagram notes?

    Instagram Notes is a feature that allows you to communicate with all of your followers through text, emoji, or now music.

    They are essentially little notes similar in design to Post-its that you can put up for others to see. You can use them to express your opinion about the state of the world or just to reflect and have fun.

    According to  Instagram , young people use the notes feature at least 10 times more than adults.

    “People like to share Stories throughout the day, from highlights to more mundane moments. We are testing new features to help people share more easily in spontaneous and fun ways to help create even stronger connections with friends,” Meta says about it.

    Said approach to the youth is also causing Meta to start testing its own app for conversations like Twitter.

    an old acquaintance

    The old MSN Messenger application allowed users to synchronize our music players like Winamp or Windows Media Player so that the songs we are listening to appear. The lyrics of the songs possibly expressed a feeling better than the words themselves written by the users.