Instagram: So you can add the location of your business in your business profile

On  Instagram ,  you can add your business location to your bio and make sure potential customers visit you later.


The Instagram business account has many options to make your store closer to those who want to buy your product or service. Now, the social network has included the location in its biography to make it easier to find your company if they want to visit it later.

This will make it easier for users as they will be able to navigate Google Maps or Apple Maps and locate where you are faster. Adding it to your profile is easy and will only take a few minutes to follow the steps below.

It should be noted that the instructions are the same for devices that use the Android system, such as the iPhone.


  1. Go to your Instagram profile  .
  2. Enter the menu that is at the bottom of your profile picture.
  3. Click  “Edit Profile.”
  4. Then to  “Public Business Information”  and select  “Contact Options”.
  5. Then select the  “Business address” box  so you can add your location.
  6. Fill in the blanks where they ask for  address, city, zip code  and more.
  7. Make sure it is accurate and if you are sure, select  “Done”.
  8. Finally, click on  “Save”.