Instagram tests a “Like” button in the ‘Stories.’

The famous social network Instagram is working on adding a ‘Like’ button to its Stories platform.

Instagram is planning to tweak some features on its Stories platform. The application owned by Facebook will allow you to ‘like’ from the message box of the 24-hour publications.

According to the filter and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is adding a button to give ‘Like’; it can even be pressed several times. Apparently, the social network is adding new metrics to measure user reaction.

In the shared image of the new function to make ‘likes,’ you can see a heart to the right of the box for messages, different from the current reactions that Instagram Stories has.

New features for Stories

In addition to the next ‘Like’ button to react faster to Stories, Instagram is removing the ‘Swipe Up’; instead, a sticker can be added to redirect users to external websites.

The classic ‘Swipe Up’ will disappear the following August 30, according to an Instagram spokesperson. On the other hand, the possibility that any user can add external links to the Stories is still being evaluated, since currently, it is only for accounts that exceed 10 thousand followers or are verified by the same network.