Instagram: The difference between restricting, blocking or muting

The Instagram application has different sections to take care of the privacy and security of users.

Instagram is one of the applications that cares a lot about the security and privacy of users, not in vain it has strict policies that allow.

The application to be a safe environment, but many times the artificial intelligence fails or cannot locate all the accounts that violate the norm, for which it has provided different options to users to report, restrict and silence accounts that may be causing certain discomforts.

Instagram protects privacy

The application has different options when it comes to protecting the user from an undesirable account, these are: silence, block and restrict.


Muting an account means that the user needs to stop seeing content from it without unfollowing it, this applies mostly to people who do not want to continue seeing content from friends or ex-partners, but who for some reason do not want to stop following them on Instagram, or Stop seeing your posts.

Instagram has two options for this function: mute stories or posts, these will remain available and can be found by searching the profile directly from the search magnifying glass, but they will not appear in the feed.

To Restrict

Restricting an account limits the view of it and vice versa. By restricting an account, the user removes the permission to send private messages to the account, it also does not show certain posts and the comments that are between that account and the user’s will be private.

To Block

This is a last privacy action, it is carried out against an account that you no longer want to know anything about, since the block option will not allow the other user to see the Instagram account of the person who blocked him, nor send him messages or see his exercise.

Along with this action you can also report accounts for abusive content, blogs or harassment.

Report offensive accounts

Instagram also has the option to report offensive messages and comments before blocking an account, this option can be done through the comments menu (to report comments) or through the profile (to block the account) by lightly pressing the user’s photo that you want to report