Instagram: what are the differences between a personal and a business account?

The Instagram social network   has two types of accounts, personal and business. How are they different and which one is the best?


Instagram is one of the networks with the greatest proximity for young people, adults and companies . Most, by default, use a personal account, even, at the beginning of this social network, it was the only one that existed. However, with the arrival of more users, they innovated and also added business accounts.

As a powerful marketing element , Instagram was developing new tools to achieve positioning and closeness with its user, that is how they created business accounts , these are distinguished in certain features from personal accounts and are easy to recognize.

Which is better?

For sure, each one meets its audience. While the personal accounts are intended for a general user , who does not need more tools . Company accounts allow more versatile control of the Instagram profile , in addition to promoting content, viewing statistics and the possibility of creating ads.

A personal account is used to interact and publish some content to the user  ‘s circle of friends or close ones . For their part, the company accounts are aimed at enterprises and the offering of their products to the public, they will be able to choose or filter the messages they receive with priority in the “ General” or “Direct messages” tab ; In addition, Instagram includes an algorithm that allows statistical management to be obtained where the user observes its position in the market to which it is directed.

In conclusion, everything varies in the employability of the social network . If someone wants to have a good leisure time, the personal Instagram account is a good option to interact with friends and family, in addition to posting photos and everyday moments. While if a user wants to sell products or services , promote a new project or offer institutional content, the best option is the business account .