Instagram will allow you to archive Stories even if the user has not previously published them

Instagram  is working on a new feature that can be especially useful for highlighting Stories on user profiles.

Instagram  is already developing a new function so that users can archive Stories even if they have not published them. Meta’s social platform will allow people to decide if they want to feature a recorded video in story format on their respective profiles even if it has not been shared publicly before.

According to what the developer Alessandro Paluzzi highlighted , the team behind this social network is working on an expansion of the function that is only available for Stories that have been published publicly in the conventional way or through the “Best Friends” option. . From what he explains, it will no longer be necessary to wait the required 24 hours for these videos to be stored directly in your archives.

Instagram Stories will have a new option

Paluzzi revealed that to use this function, it will only be necessary for the user to access the Stories section , take a photo, record a video or choose a multimedia file from the gallery of their respective smartphone so that they then select the arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen.

From what this developer mentions in a screenshot that he shared through his official Twitter account , Instagram will offer various options for its users’ Stories . Among these, there is the possibility of publishing a video with this format directly in the profile or in the “Best Friends” section, as well as the already mentioned option to place it in the account file from the beginning.

Paluzzi points out that the Meta application will be saved immediately in the user’s profile and will be visible if the “File” option is selected in the menu at the top of the profile.

More news will come to Instagram

Although the developer did not mention more details about this function, it is important to note that the possibility of placing Stories directly on the profile without having to publish them can be very useful for businesses or content creators who need to highlight something in their accounts. In this way, only the people who review the user will be able to view these videos.

On the other hand, Instagram is also working on other useful features for users such as the ability to share Stories only with users who follow back. It is known that this option will be present in the menu that appears before publishing said content. However, what is not known exactly is when these news will be available and if they will be for all users or reserved for subscribers of the monthly plan that the platform will integrate.