Instagram will ask for video selfies to verify the identity of new users

Instagram is asking for these videos as requirements for new accounts.

In a step to avoid fake and spam accounts on the platform, Instagram has implemented video selfies to verify the authenticity of people who are creating an account in the app.

The tool, seen by the network expert Matt Navara, asks the user to take a video showing his face and turning his head in different positions.

Apparently, the tool is not in beta, but is already reaching a large part of the people who are creating an account for the first time on the platform.

It is only an internal requirement

Meta, Instagram’s parent company ,  ensures that the video will not be saved or published, and that it will be deleted 30 days after the control.

In addition, it will not be used for “facial recognition technologies or to collect biometric data”, following the guidelines that they have set themselves.

This tool seeks to prevent more fake accounts and bots on the platform, many of which are responsible for attacks and harassment of real accounts.

What is not certain is that the existing accounts will be asked for this requirement to confirm their identity.